Friday, July 3, 2009


I am impressing myself getting so many layouts done lately. :0) It's great though because it makes me happy when I scrap. Here is one of a little jack rabbit we found out back. He was a little tiny baby and we bottle fed him kitten milk for 2 days hoping his mom would come back. We finally saw her and set him out back and she came and got him. He looked so pitiful sitting in that grass all by himself because he was so tiny and helpless. Made another quick one of my daughter Destiny primping in the mirror. Seems she has hit that age and now all she does is stay in front of the mirror. LOL :0) That layout is based upon a sketch made by my buddy Trisha. Thanks Trisha!


  1. You have been JAMMIN out the LOs jenn, and they're lookin great as always!! Have a great 4th!!!

  2. gorgeous design the cute lil the mic of color in ur 2nd lo...

  3. i'm impressed too, but i have to say, i knew you had it in you! i guess that paper cutter really threw your creative juices into high gear, huh?