Saturday, February 20, 2010

A new car for me...

After 5 weeks of looking for a car for myself, I FINALLY found one that I loved. I bought a new car so I could give the car I already have to my son Chris so he could get a job and co op from school. It was VERY frustrating looking for a car....the prices are very high and most of the cars just weren't worth the money. It was also very disappointing when I would find one I liked and it was already sold. My wait was worth it...I got a 2001 Mustang and it has an awesome stereo system and just perfect for me to drive around town in and not having a car payment is great. I also like that it is a stick shift~ No one in my household knows how to drive a stick but me. :) I am happy with it and I have no buyers remorse either. :)

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